Stable release 2019/04/07 (248)


Time for another update and this is literally all about ‘time’:

I’ve added the feature to change the color (@Nathan_Wilkes I hope you enjoy it :wink: ) of the clock and I’ve included @Jan_Koudijs excellent Alarm Clock extension. You can enable it on the ‘advanced’ tab.

The extension is obviously a next step: until now RoPieee did not provide support for extensions so let’s see how this pans out.



Great Harry, what happens with 2 alarm extensions running…any ideas?

Nothing special I guess. There is nothing that prevents extension to access the API.

Only issue I can think of is if you have the Alarm Clock running on two devices and you set an alarm on both at the same time and let e.g. one browse for a playlist and one for internet radio then the browsing can be mixed up as multi browse hasn’t been implemented yet.

A corner case, I guess.

Well I think it’s great that Harry has the ability to now run other extensions on the pi…makes for a much easier install I think for the non tech types. When node/git breaks on my windows box it’s a pain to get it back working again.

Perhaps i am blind, but how could i change the clock colour? :roll_eyes:

oh sorry. on the settings screen. press the right lower corner on the screen

I managed to select blue but it’s rather a pale cyan I think. Maybe we can get some more colours in the future

“LED blue”. :slight_smile:

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Yeah the colors… the deviation from the real colors is rather big on these screens.

@Nathan_Wilkes maybe we need to tune them a little bit so that it becomes ‘LED blue’ actually on the screen :wink:

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Harry what about a colour picker or maybe RGB values or 3 sliders?

Actually the blue on the radio icon as another colour would be nice…tho the teal/cyan is growing on me