Stable release 3.075 (2021/02/07)


After last week big release here’s a small maintenance release that fixes some minor leftovers:

  • IMPROV: update Raspberry Pi CPU revision codes
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] update upmpdcli
  • FIX: support Hewbrew characters also on the Pi 4 display

These CPU revision codes are important for those with a Pi 4 that were anticipating bluetooth support but do not have the tab in their XL.



Hi @spockfish , my Ropieee 3.074 with BOSS Dac doesnt upgrade to RopieeeXL.

RopieeeXL ON > Commit changes > Reboot results in a reboot and when back up RopieeeXL OFF, but still on Ropieee. Any suggestions?



Hi @Dick_Vliek,

Thanks for reporting. Found an issue with the infrastructure.
I gave it a kick and now it will update. That ‘kick’ triggered an update (3.075), but you should be able to upgrade to XL.


It works! Thanks Harry

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Both of my RPi4’s upgraded to 3.075 with no issues. Thanks Harry.

Hi Harry!
I use RoPieee on a ProJect Stream Box S2 Ultra and I am super happy with it.
For 3.075 I got a message that a new version is available. But after download and reboot, it still shows up as 3.066. And a few moments later, it prompts again that an update is available …
I repeated the download several times without any luck …
Is this a known issue with the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 Rev 1.0?
Thanks in advance for any help!

I have an issue where my usb firmware version is unknown on ropieee information section with my rpi4 and so don’t recognize my usb DAC chord Qutest. Working fine before this update.

Feedback id : a96ce596f91f3d76.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Stefan,

Can you send feedback? You can find that option on the ‘advanced’ tab.


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I just did it: cb68281186921941

Thank you for your fast response :slight_smile:


Unfortunately you have a damaged SD so it won’t update.
Either reflash or stick with this version I’m afraid…

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These things are unrelated.

However, your installation was faulty. Please make sure that there’s an internet connection (cable) during installation.


Thank you, Harry!
I will stick with 3.066 until I have some time to re-flash the eMMC on the Pi Compute Module.
Hoping that it will fix it as there isn’t a SD card to change … :wink:

Oh yeah. Of course it got MMC.

But no worries, you can reflash your unit without any issues.

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I think I got some issues with HQPlayer connection after update