Stable release 4.017 (2021/11/05)


Took a while, but here’s RoPieee’s next release: 4.017!

Nothing particularly stands out: just stuff all over the place.
Here’s the changelog:

  • IMPROV: add option to (forcefully) reinstall Roon Bridge
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] update bluetooth components
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] update Librespot
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] update Squeezelite
  • IMPROV: [RoPieeeXL] Squeezelite: add -W option
  • IMPROV: bump Linux kernel
  • IMPROV: update wireless firmware

As always: enjoy and have a great weekend!


Smooth upgrade, thank you!

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I know there were issues with Wifi…is this release supposed to fix these issues?

What do this new functions exactly do?


Restarting the extension has always been there. In the beginning sometimes the extension hung up, hence this function.

‘Reinstall Roon Bridge’ is new. I built this during the last update of Roon Bridge, which for some reason did not update automatically for some people.

ok, thanks harry !

Hi, after trying -NG ( was not working I can send the log-files) I had to reinstall RoPieee
unfortunately 4.002 was only available on the website. Rp is working from roon but not available in the web browser any more. Please provide me with 4.017 version for reflashing.

The host name probably changed. If it works in Roon, go to Settings>About and type the IP in your browser. Out of curiosity, did NG not work in Roon, or did you gave up after not finding it in the browser?

Hi, it was not visible in my router. Dhcp enabeld: in the log I can see it received a IP but is not responding to ping. Any how I have now problems with 4.002. May be the cause is DNS over TLS (DoT) this router is not the best with it and during installation is something haben. I’ll try a reinstallation without.

I’m stuck on 3.113 despite following on screen instructions and seeing no errors.
Any ideas?

I suggest you reflash.

Harry thank you for the prompt response. I will re-flash in the next few days and report back.

Reflash successful. Marvellous @spockfish Thank you Harry!

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Can I get this version again? I would like to have bluetooth.



@spockfish Please…