Start page preference, and remember most recent view on reconnect

I use album view mostly. Would love a preference to always start there.

Would also love it if the most recent page view state was restored after reconnect. Right now you have to navigate back. (Every time after the iPad screen is blanked)

On top of this, and I probably mentioned it elsewhere, it would be great if the app didn’t chuck you out when it loses connection, but perhaps could just put a subtle banner or red light or flag that the data’s locked or something and let you carry on browsing.

whoa… are you updated fully on ipad and server? this has been fixed for ages… have you found a new bug?

Pretty sure I’m all updated. If I move a few pages along in Albums on the iPad for example, and then reconnect, I’m back at page 1.

Ah OK, the ‘start view’ is bizarre as that stays at the last used. Perhaps I went a bit insane. Not unlikely. Apologies. :blush:

That’s the way it’s been from the beginning. That and delays to reconnect are extremely annoying.