Start playing from zone selection list (like in 1.7)

In 1.7 I could both pause and start music from the zone list that pops up when you click the current zone in the bottom right corner.

Now if a zone is playing a pause button is present in the zone list next to the zone, but when you click it, it disappears. There’s no longer a play button.

I miss being able to start the music back up without having to switch zones.

I also miss being able to see what’s playing in other zones from that list too, but even just having a play button back would be nice.

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Yes. I don’t know why all this has been lost from that zone list in 1.8 either. I used it all the time. Much of the same information is there of course in 1.8 but is is scattered all about and not at all clear or obvious. There are many irritations in 1.8 like that. Please bring back at least the same functionality to the zone panel as was already there in 1.7.

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