Start Roon Server as service with OS X

Looking into the documentation and browsing the faq and the forum, I only find the possibility to start Roon Server when a user is logged in.
For Linux there seems to be the possibility to have Roon Server running in the „background“ as it can be configured and started as a service via launchd.
Why is this not also possible under OS X. Are the requirements for background service so much different under Linux and OS X?

Or is there a way to get Roon Server started as a service on OS X?


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They are totally different beasts and have pretty much nothing in common. So yes, it’s different :slight_smile: In fact, even within Linux there all sorts of ways to skin this cat.

You can download Roon Server instead of Roon. This is a strictly non-GUI version that can run in the background. If it wouldn’t already start automatically when you start your mac, you could try adding it as a Login Item under Settings Preferences > Users & Groups.

Hi Nepherte,

Well from what is described on, the ROON package consists all three, control, core and output, whereas ROON Server only lacks the control part.
So since I have the ROON package already installed I would like to have the control part available when I log in on my iMac but I‘d like to have the core and output to be running in background so I could just start listening to music when I grab my iPad sitting on my sofa.

At the moment I have to first login at my iMac before I can start listening to music controlling ROON via my iPad, sitting on my sofa.

So my question still is open on what I have to do to get the core and output part being started in the background and not having to log on.



With Roon when you close the GUI it will close the Core, while Roon Server is meant to run in headless environments without the need for a GUI to be open at all times. If you still like the option to have a GUI as well, you can install both. Roon would then only act as a remote control.


gonna try it that way.



Hi Bart,

I just tested it and it does not work that way.
The roon server also only starts when I log on.

I found the documentation and there it also is described that on the Mac even roon server is only running when logged in. That’s a bummer! Guess I will stay with the full ROON package on my mac and have a look what Linux hardware is sufficient to run headless ROON.



Some Googling reveals that you can also run scripts when your mac starts, as opposed to when a user logs in:

I haven’t tried it out but it seems promising. The only thing that concerns me is under what user Roon would be running.

Perhaps other people can chime in here.

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