Start/stop command from windows10

Anyone know of a way to send a command from windows to Rock to remotely start/stop the roon server?

Try this,

Stop Core: http://rock.local/1/stopsoftware

Start or Reboot Core: http://rock.local/1/restartsoftware

For completeness,

Power-off ROCK: http://rock.local/1/poweroff

Reboot ROCK: http://rock.local/1/reboot

Looking for something I can use from a command line or a batch file

You can certainly use those urls from a batch file or vbscript etc

Ok I see I can use it by adding “start” before the url.
Anyway to do this without a web browser popping open?

There is a version of curl distributed with windows:

curl <url>

Awesome :sunglasses:

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