Starting from Scratch

I’m a long time Apple Music user. I have a modest library of 5000+ songs. Most were imported into iTunes at less than lossless quality.

I can’t get Roon to identify and import the majority of that library and have done everything Roon suggests to make that work. But now I’m thinking since most of those tracks are at low quality, I might be better off to just start from scratch, and reimport everything I own, doing so at a lossless quality.

If so - what do you recommend for storing the library? Can it be on my host machine where Roon resides, or does it have to be on an external drive?

Is there a better way to go at this? I’m pretty adept at technology, but this transition has not been easy so far, and I definitely don’t want to duplicate my work if I can avoid it.

Comments/recommendations/suggestions appreciated.

I have converted my entire CD collection to ALAC format once with XLD and store it on my notebook as well as backing it up with Time Machine on a backup drive.
For use in Roon, I copied the files to an internal SSD in my Roon Nucleus. This works very well for me.
Hope that helps.

What are the details of your host machine (where you are running the Roon Core)?

I can see converting all my files to ALAC. But I don’t own a Nucleus. Could I keep the files on my Mac? If so, in my Apple Music folder, or should I create a separate location? Thanks for your help Uli!

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Mac mini - M1 chip
16 GB Ram
Ventura 13.0.1
500 GB HD

@Rusty_Lewis you are welcome! I’d suggest you copy the music files to a disk which is network accessible, as Roon will not be able to use music on your Mac when this is not in use. If the Mac is as well your Roon core then your suggestion would work.

Circa 5000+ tracks, assuming about 25MB per track, is 125GB - that’s a sizeable chunk of your 500 GB SSD. Another option would be to grab yourself a larger HD to store your music and attach it to your Mac mini. For music, you don’t really need a fast drive, so a spinning HD is fine.

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