Starting two zones simultaneously

Is it possible to start playback in two zones at exactly the same time?

The two zones will play different files, so this is not a use-case for zone grouping.

Both zones are similar in nature: they are both virtual output devices, and use WASAPI exclusive mode.

@Atriya_Sen, as this is not a pure technical support question, I moved your post to the Roon Software Discussion category where other users may have some ideas. I am not aware of simple way to do this, other than using two separate Remotes and starting a different zone manually from each Remote. There may be a CLI approach to do this with Roon Server.

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I’m curious about the use case for this :smiley:.
Would you care to elaborate a little on what you are trying to accomplish?

How strict should exactly the same time be interpreted? Obviously not by manually switching from one zone to another? Probably also not by having 2 remotes starting playback at the same time?

With automation using the API you should be able to come quite close, but there will alway be some delay. Perhaps you can explore the Macro.on extension?

My use-case will not be a common one.

In short: I was attempting a hack-ish way to play a 14-channel PCM file, containing discretized & decoded 9.1.4 Dolby Atmos content. Since Roon (& Windows) can only play up to 8-channel files, I used an audio editor to divide the file in two files by channel (e.g., 7+7 channels, or 6+8, etc.). I then set up two virtual devices in Windows using a software called Asio Link Pro. That software can then re-combine the 7+7 channels into 14, and send them downstream in the way I want.

As you can imagine, unless playback of both files is started exactly together, the channels will be out of sync (e.g., the rear top surround channel might be out of sync with the front left).

Fortunately, I won’t have to do any of this: I found a way to solve my problems using a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) called Reaper.

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