Startup problem with roon on win10

I’ve reinstalle my win10 15025, and the roon startup block in logging in …
My account , password and internet are ok.
How can i do for start up roon.

Suggest you turn off all firewalls for now and or let us know if that was the issue before flagging it to support directly

I’ve turn off all firewalls. And there is no change. I’ve Nivida titan black with the new driver.

Make sure your problem isn’t the latest Windows updates that are blocking your ability to load up Roon core. See this (relates to Windows 2012R2 server, but the issue could be the same with Windows 10): Roon, Roon Server and Server 2012r2 Firewall


Hi @HAO_MING ----- Thank you for the report and apologies for the troubles here.

Can you please provide us with the details of the machine hosting your Roon core that is having a problem launching the application? This will great aide in our evaluation of what could be causing this behavior to occur.