Static IP address on the Directstream Junior Bridge, how?

I looked at the article on how to set a static IP address in the Bridge in DS Junior but the article assumes you have a touch screen i.e it’s if the DS Senior

So it is possible to set a static ip address in the DS junior ?

If so, how is this done e.g. do you do it from the front panel input selector ?


It’s in the manual…I would try to explain but sold of my unit due to the DSD64 limitation.

You ‘fix’ the IP Address via your router. You need go to your router’s page that allows you to manually assign a fixed IP address to a device. Some routers will give you a list of all connected devices stating which are fixed and which are DHCP giving you an option to assign an IP address and fix it (i.e. static).

Other routers will have a page where you enter in the MAC address and then assign a fix/static IP address.

Note that in many cases the BridgeII is showing up on routers as “ConversDigital Co., LTD” so you can look for that on your connected devices list to obtain the MAC address.

That question is better answered by contacting PS Audio directly. Most people, on this and PS Audio forums, will respond like @rayski and tell you to just “fix” it via the router. And that will certainly work (depending on your router, of course).

However, there are several good reasons, beyond personal preference, for the desire to set static IP at the device level. While the Jr. might have the same Bridge hardware, I’m not sure it has the interface to access that information, at least not detailed in the manuals I’ve referenced. Once again, PS Audio is where I would go for a definitive answer.

My mistake. Apologies to all. I want my Nuc (server) to directly connect to the Bridge.

I forgot to add in the original post that I want to do what I do in today for my SOtm sMS-200 according to this thread. Thus setting a static ip address in the router is not an option. It has to be done in the Bridge.

@Rugby: I’ve asked in the PS Audio forum. I’ll leave at that in wait for PS Audio forums for the answer.

Thanks to PS Audio, I got an answer and it’s positive, their response:

"Yes it is possible to set a Static IP address on the DSjr. There is a network setup page in the menu, which you set parameters with the push button and the volume knob.”

The info is the manual…like I said

Thanks @wizardofoz.
I found nothing about specific about setting a static ip address setting in this manual I downloaded.

Well I’m pretty sure it was in the manual I received with my unit. Maybe it was an extra page…anyway an email to ps support should get the info you need and do tell them it’s not in the manual you downloaded.

Ok, I’ll do that at some point, although I’m not really interested in the DS anymore (well not for the near future anyway).