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Hello there

Just by curiosity, could I have statistics on how I use Roon: most song played, most genre played, total time played, total time played on the 18th of Aug, total time play since installed etc

I have an app for that on my iPhone and I think it’s pretty cool:

It would be nice to have stats on Roon users: most played song, most skipped song, most liked album etc etc


You could subscribe to and use the Roon scrobbling feature.


Interesting I will look at it.

What about Roon users stats? If they are privacy concerns, data could be anonymized.

I’d love to see “This week in Roon’s community: most played track, most played album, most skipped song”.

Is there something Roon Lab is looking at? I haven’t read the T&Cs but I’m sure Roon is collecting plenty of data on users so it would be nice to give it back to the community.

I really hope they are not! I don’t recall giving Roon permission to collect any data about my playing habits. Of course, every song added to my library has to be ID’d by Roon servers but I do not see why they would store this data or additionally monitor what I play.

Having said that, it would be nice if someone from Team Roon would comment on exactly what data is collected and stored against each core license, just for the record so we know and don’t have to speculate.

With regard to the sort of track popularity data you are interested in (I really can’t imagine why, this isn’t a social media app), I presume that Roon would have to get permission from every user to opt in to this, if implemented. They would also have to comply with various Data Protection acts where the data is collected? The Roon users that use this forum are a minority of Roon users, so I can’t see this being remotely practical or easy to do, unless it is a forced opt in/opt out box tagged onto an update.

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See this.

@philr Thanks for that…too many opinions being stated as facts.

No GDPR compliant?

So I tried, that’s pretty cool.

There are also other apps I found that might interest some people here: – stats – your world map – how mainstream you are – stats, recommendations – minimalistic lists, your world map – graph including every single scrobble – artist cloud – collage generator – create a wave graph from your history

I would love to be able to export my own listening history from my own roon database so i can do some analysis myself on my own data.

i would love to make some dashboards myself of my own data in power bi for instance