Step by step to move back to production on a QNAP - early access is now a pain

I’ve started to get irritated with the early access programme on Roon. I remember when this launched that Roon said that you would be able to use production remotes with later earlyaccess core builds, meaning that you wouldn’t need to install Testflight and beta remotes on all your devices.

Lo and behold with the latest earlyaccess release - I can’t connect to an earlyaccess core using a production remote. I want to avoid this so I don’t have to mess around with Testflight on all my families devices.

The only instructions I can see for rolling back a QNAP core to production are on this page:

All that page says is to look at for instructions to move back to production. Apart from being in German, as far as I can see the only link on that page is to the early access installer.

Can anyone help me with a proper guide to getting completely shot of earlyaccess on a QNAP, moving the core back to production? I’m currently on build 1159 earlyaccess. There was a DB update when I moved to 1159 so I’m hoping that doesn’t preclude me going backwards.


There are three links that I can see:

  • Get it in the QNAP App Center
  • Download Legacy Installer (1.8)
  • Download Early Access Installer

I would assume that the first link is for the Production version, and is the one you are looking for.

BTW, there’s a link to switch to the English version of the page at the bottom of the page.

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If I install from the App Center, is it going to use the existing database and just install prod over earlyaccess with no issues? Or do I need to do a fresh install and restore from backup? Will my latest earlyaccess 1159 backup work as a restore in to production?

edit - in fact you can’t just re-install from the QNAP app center - I would have to uninstall and re-install, which quite reasonably enough makes me pretty nervous.

I’m not a QNAP user, flagging @crieke for you. He would know.

Ive just done my Synology and it was delete old package, upload new , reinstall clients.
Its was all very pain free…

Hi Phil - did you have to backup and restore your config, or did you just point your new installation at your existing database and it worked transparently?

Nope, It just asked were to install and where the music drive was…

Can you remember which build number you went from and to?

I went from the latest early access to 1154 production.

Coming back to this - yes this worked. The procedure I followed was:

  • Take a Roon database backup for safety
  • Remove Roon via the QNAP interface
  • Install Roon via the QNAP Package Store
  • On the QNAP, configure Roon to look at the same Roon Database directory as before
  • For your Windows/Mac clients, download the production Roon packages from here Downloads - Roon Labs and then install
  • For your iOS clients, remove Roon and Arc, then remove Testflight
  • Install the new iOS clients from the app store

Sorry don’t know the Android procedure.

I moved from 1159 early access to 1148 in this way. The new install did a database update when it started. All worked okay.

It’s a shame Roon didn’t stick to their promise about backwards compatibility between newer remotes and older cores.