Steps to recreate bookmarks broken by new focus

I’ve seen a number of suggestions about how to recreate bookmarks that are broken by the fact that Focus now uses AND. I had to work through it myself to figure out how to do this. I thought I’d try to list the steps here in cas eit helps anyeon.

Suppose you want to create a grouping of all albums in your library that are either “Rock” OR “Alternative & Punk”. In 1.7 (IIRC) I just chose both of those genres and then created a bookmark. Now, in 1.8, Genres under Focus work as "AND"s so you can’t pick more than one.


  1. Go to My Library (Albums)
  2. Focus > Genres > select “Rock”
  3. Click the “Rock” tag to invert the selection (ie select everything except Rock)
  4. Focus > Genres > select “Alternative & Punk”
  5. Click the “Alternative & Punk” tag to invert the selection (select eevrything except Alt)
  6. Now, the two tags together have selected all the albums in your library that are NOT the ones you want.
  7. Create a new tag – name it NotRockNotAlt
  8. Select all the albums that are picked out by the negated Rock and Alternative & Punk tags together
  9. ADD all of these to the NotRockNotAlt tag
  10. Reset the focus
  11. Focus > Genres > “NotRockNotAlt”
  12. Click the NotRockNotAlt tag to invert the selection – this now has all of your Rock and Alt
  13. Create a bookmark to save this.

Pretty sure that’s what I did and it worked. Hope this helps –

EDIT: Oops – I forgot to say, the tedious part is that now every time you add an album that is not Rock or Alt, you have to tag it “NotRockNotAlt”…