Steve Davis - one name, two (?) artists

Two Jazz musicians

Steve Davis - Drummer, plays in Lynne Arriale Trio and also produces his own albums
Steve Davis - Trombone (just learned about him, and he’s great!)

Maybe there are more…

I have the same issue with

  1. Alan Jones - bassist

  2. Alan Jones - horn

Roon combines it to one person

  • on a queen album
  • on a Mozart chamber album.

@support: Please tell me, how to handle and separate them.

+1 snooker player. :slightly_smiling_face:

Same with Lush, the British shoegaze band, whose discography is mixed with some crap coming from a hip-hop or whatever group bearing the same name.

From Romford no less, he used to practice just behind the Brewery :grinning:

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Who is also a member of the Utopia Strong. I kid you not.

I did not know that. Wow! I’ll have to listen to them.

I’m here to add a me too. Steve Davis also played Bass for John Coltrane, that is how I found the trombone player.

Me too.