Still "Il Quattro Stagione" one and a half year later :-/

I get this is not a serious issue, but… c’mon! :roll_eyes:

Correct translation for “The Four Seasons” is “Le Quattro Stagioni
(actually… original is italian, translated to english then back to italian)

shouldn’t be hard to fix: tell your data sources curators :wink:

thanks :slight_smile:

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Are you referring to a particular release?

seen it, yesterday, in Amandine Beyer/Gli Incogniti “Vivaldi: Les Quatre Saisons et autre concertos”, Zig-Zag Territoires

but already reported long time ago about Rachel Podger/Brecon Baroque “Vivaldi: Le Quattro Stagioni, Il Grosso Mogul, Il Riposo, L’Amoroso”, Channel Classics and, from a quick search right now, also is the case for Fabio Biondi/Europa Galante “Vivaldi: Les Quatre Saisons”, Naïve

Roon don’t do the metadata themselves do this will be from their supplier, which is why I think they require exact release to ask for changes.

I know Ged

and I believe one of their suppliers has this wrong translation applied everywhere :roll_eyes:

Ah gotcha! Had a look at tidal and on the mobile client there’s no translation at all just the four seasons.
Metadata gotta love it…

doesn’t happen in album title: it happens on “parts/movements”

Even there it’s all-in English. Ho hum.

Amandine Beyer/Gli Incogniti:

Rachel Podger/Brecon Baroque:

Daniel Hope:

François Lazarevitch/Les Musiciens de Saint Julien:

Felix Ayo/I Musici:

… and in all those 246 versions, I believe :no_mouth:
(only checked 4-5 at random)

Eek! (Ten)

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