Still no Wake on LAN for Roon Core?

Hi. I tried to do my due diligence and found this thread: Server Sleep and Wake on LAN

Is it true that it is still the case that a computer running a Roon core needs to use the OS power settings so that it will never go to sleep? That Roon core has no Wake on LAN feature?

That is right, and I do not like it…

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WoL is a feature that has to be supported and activated in your network adapter/driver, OS, BIOS. If the computer that acts as your Roon Core fully supports it, you can use it - just not automatically via a remote Roon installation used to control your Core. Also, how you send the machine to sleep is up to you (not a feature of WoL or Roon).

Hi, this sounds very promising, but it seems many of us have the same issue. I have WOL enabled and launched controller on my notebook to connect to core, and it still doesn’t work. Can you detail what needs to be done in order for this to work?

What controller?

Use a WoL app to wake your Roon Core PC.

Sorry, W10 Roon Core (on an Intel NUC) and W10 Roon app on W10 on a laptop, but the same is true for Android Roon app. The expectation is that the Core PC wakes up on connection. I am not saying this is a pure Roon feature, but definitely some help from the community would be good to understand what is needed to make this work.

Sorry, but it is unclear what your problem is. Feel free to add your voice to the existing feature request if you expect Roon to send the magic packet for you:

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