Stop command in Roon

What I like to see is a STOP command. It’s now only possible to PAUSE music, but to e.g. access Jplay Settings I need playback to be stopped, so the audio device in use is released. The workaround for now is wait for the last song in de queue to be finished, then it really stops and releases the connection to the audio device. It would be fine if STOP is a key only command.

There is already a key command for stop, if you have media keys on your keyboard.
Mine has keys for play/pause, rew/prev, ff/next, and stop. The stop key stops the playback in Roon, releases the audio device from exclusive mode and “forgets” the playback location of the current track.

@danny mentioned to me that in OS X the pause command also releases the audio device. I suggested that Windows should have the same behavior.

i am also adding control-t and cmd-t for the next build

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@danny Thanks for this solution!
@Chikolad I’ll try you suggestion asap.