Stop playing at the end of current track / insert a “pause” at an arbitrarily-chosen point in the queue

I used to use Banshee, the music player. It had a function that I found fantastic, and that I never found anywhere else: Stop/pause playing at the end of the current track.

It shows respect for the song that you are playing by letting it finish, and it lets you go on with your life (sleep, shopping, work, wife…) before anything else plays!


On the Queue screen, clearing the Queue and toggling off Radio have the same effect.

Sure, noted. But not the same as an actual quick button!

I generally always let a track run to the end. Then press pause! :wink:

Call me lazy, I like setting “stop at end of track” and not worry about it while enjoying the music. (OK, call me stressed!)


Your not stressed, you probably have a great system. So good that stoping a track feels like interrupting the band. That would be rude, you would never do this at a live gig!
One reason why youngsters jump from track to track (on their portable music players) no respect, no value and it sounds rubbish anyway.

I love your idea and would use it a lot too. That or a slow fade as you press pause. It’s all about respect. Chris


Ahahah! OK, I’m not stressed. But yes, respect was in my first post. :slight_smile:

But in that case, you should forbid stopping certain albums in the middle, or having some tracks separated from the rest of the album as part of a shuffle. But that’s pushing it and that’s part of a longer discussion for other places!


“Fade Out & Play Next”

I agree so +1 for me. I’m not a DJ and even when listening alone I dislike suddenly ending a track. A “Fade Out & Play Next Option” would be nice.

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I so much agree with the “fade out and play next” request. At the risk of seeming ridiculous, it does seem rude to abruptly stop a track and start the next one in the queue/on the album. I know that doing arithmetic on the audio to fade it out will break the losslessness of the path through Roon and an optical connection to a Meridian 565 but I can live with that in this case. I don’t want Roon doing it any other time of course.

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I’m still a fan of Stop/pause playing at the end of the current track, and would definitely make use of such a feature. Why clear the whole queue to achieve the same behavior when I may want to return to it later (maybe after the kids are in bed)? Yes, I could create a new playlist for every queue before deleting in case I wanted to continue later, but that gets messy very quickly.


+1 (And a Fade Out and Play Next option as well)

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I’d like a “pause when the beer runs out” button and a “pause when the kettle boils” option.



How about the addition of a “single/continuous” switch in general? Like the rack-mounted CD players you might see at a radio station tend to have.



I’m new to Roon since I just started evaluation period.
I’m using Foobar2000 for nearly 15 years now and the Stop After Current feature is something that I use very often.

I would greatly appreciate such addition in Roon features (as smart playlists and tags, path filters capabilities and other things that foobar2000 has… but this is off topic).


Hello, I’m also just new to Roon. Still exploring, but so far I like what I see.
Anyway, I have been using MediaMonkey a lot to manage my library, and play music as well. And there I did use the ‘Stop after current’ function a lot. So I was searching for it and ended up in this thread. So, kind of a kick now.
+1, I’d love to see this.
And also a
+1 for the respectful ‘fade and skip to next’ option.

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All of these ideas are use cases that I’d like Roon to address. My preferred solutions are:

  • Ability to Queue a pause, whether after the current track or any future track or a time period. I’d also like to be able to Queue an Internet Radio station.

  • A setting for a fade when the user stops play


I have a vague memory that I voted for these before. I don’t want a crossfade and I don’t want the audio path doing arithmetic on the music, EXCEPT when I want to pause or skip, when a gentle fade is respectful to the artist. And stop after current would be very useful.

Anyone else like this? I often hate to turn music off in the middle. I want to let the current track play to the end before stopping. It’s a question of respect for the music. I don’t want to clear the queue, since I want to continue playing soon. And of course I know I can just wait and then press pause. So, there’s no point in responding with those suggestions.

Seems like it ought to be easy enough to do.

On a different note: I just auto-renewed for my fourth year, which means I’ve now pretty much paid for a lifetime license. I understand (sort of) the rationale for lifetime licenses–reward people who take a risk, and don’t water down that value by offering something to year-by-year folks like me. But there’s a strong disincentive, too: Now that I’ve already paid $500, I’m LESS inclined to shell out another $500. But if I could get partial credit for the money I’ve already spent, I’d be far more likely to convert to lifetime.


I’d ask them (about a price break) if I were in your shoes.

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Nope that’s what remotes were invented for. Also it would have to have an off switch for contiguous tracks so means a UI change.