Stop unrequested albums from showing up under artist

I just signed up for 30 day Tidal. I did not import any collections. I only starred 4 albums; then immediately unstarred 3 of them so that I only had 1 album starred in Tidal. That is in my collection.

However, if I go to an unrelated artist, say Tommy James and the Shondells, I have 3 physical albums and that shows, but then it lists all their other albums and singles and EPs. It is like this for every other artist I have in my physical collection. I absolutely do not want that showing in Roon. I really only want whatever, I have specifically starred in Tidal. How do I stop this behavior. @andybob?

And, I don’t want any of the Tidal lists on the Overview page, I want to turn them off. No desire to see New albums, top albums or any crappy recommended playlists. How do I modify the Overview page to eliminate that crap.

You can’t.

I suggest Roon implement collapsable regions similar to concerts for the Tidal results under an artist and the main screen Tidal suggestions.

If you have everything from Tidal hidden, how would you find new/missing albums to add to your collection? I guess that’s the way it’s envisaged - it’s how I use it anyway.

But I can see if you never want to see them it might be annoying. But then what would be the point of having a streaming service integrated into Roon?

One man’s pleasure is another’s poison.

That I see other releases for an artist that I don’t yet have or have never heard is a big PLUS for me.

The Tidal offerings are NOT actually part of your library unless you hit the ADD TO LIBRARY button. So, when you are viewing the album browser you will only see what you have chosen to add.

When you review an artist page I personally think it is a positive enrichment to see other releases available to me. As Steve notes above, what would the point be for integration if to not fully exploit that. The locally stored albums are always shown at the top; Tidal is at the bottom/underneath.

I suspect it could be a devil to unpick too. For example, I guess you do not want Tidal results in the artist page (even if they are clearly in a section for Tidal) but you might want to see Tidal releases included in a search result so that you can access tracks/albums that you might not possess yet in your local library.

This is essential for me to handle the frequent scenarios of “Have you heard such-and-such by so-and-so?”. I search it and if I don’t have it I get it from Tidal in the results.

Maybe just collapsing the Tidal sections is sufficient as we have with Top Picks already.

One for the team to consider. (@Brian2)

Actually re-reading @Rugby 's post, I see a lot is about the Overview page (which I don’t really use - I’m an album view kind of guy). I sort of have to agree there - whereas in other views (eg artist) Tidal music relates to my library, this just seems like random gumpf from Tidal (like the dross the app tries to force upon you), so that could use some refinement perhaps?

Hiding things would be useful too if people didn’t like seeing it. The gig info was a good example. Initially I couldn’t see a reason to want to hide it - enrichment was a good descriptor - but as times gone on I’ve hidden it because it generally just takes up space (oh ok, and because with a baby it’s just teasing me with things I can’t go to! :wink: )

Thinking about it, I’m not really using the other views at all - must try them and not be so stuck in my ways in case I’m missing out…

@NCpl and @hifi_swlon and @DrTone

Thanks for your replies. Apologize for being in a grumpy mood post the other day. So, I had asked about 2 things.

  1. The Tidal Views on the Overview Page. I think they should be able to be disabled. And instead of the current options, I think a “Recently Favorited” section would be more personalized for the Roon user.

  2. Not Showing albums by artists I already have. While I would love a way to shut this off, I am sure I am an oddity. I was just asking if there was a way to do so; not really seriously asking for such an option to be considered as a feature request.

Now that I"ve played around a bit, a 3rd item comes to mind. I’d love to be able to disable Roon from generating the “Other Versions” tab on every single album because of Tidal.

I am the first to admit that my use case is way different than most. Roon for me currently focuses on handling my high resolution media files. I am slowly moving my CD originated files over to Roon one small section at a time, so I can clean up meta-data and notice any misses in identification. Right now that means a ton of Operas which are a meta-data nightmare- but that’s a different topic.

So, really I already own all the albums that Tidal is putting up as other main albums, I just haven’t moved them into Roon yet. A bit annoying because it is serving as a nagging reminder of a task I need to do.

What I would rather have, and I think I made the suggestion a long time ago, is a Discography Feature under Artist which does list all official released albums. The albums in your collection would be full color, albums not owned, greyed out until you add them to your collection.

Thanks Dan. That gives a better picture of where you are coming from. I also tend never to use Overview myself so haven’t paid any attention to what it does contain. I thought you were referencing artist overview.

I had the same reaction to the other version box when it was first introduced. All the more odd when a Tidal album references itself only. The guys do have a logic for it (being that you might have edited a few tracks out and can refer back to the original). In all honesty, I just tend to not see the things I don’t use.

See how you go after a week’s or so digging around Tidal and adding stuff to you library. I find it quite addictive !!!