Stop zone not working in API call

I’m having trouble stopping a zone using the API. When I do

transport.control(this_zone, 'stop')

it appears to pause, not stop - when I check the state, it’s “paused”, and in the Roon interface it looks to be paused, not stopped.

I actually need to release the audio device, so I need to stop it.

Any hints on what I might be doing wrong, or is this a bug?


@support I still can’t get this working - maybe a bug?

Hey @matt – sorry for the slow response here.

We’ll take a look – thanks for your patience.

Hello @matt,

Sorry about the slight delay here while we were taking a closer look into out API functions. I should inform you that Roon’s “Stopped” state does not work like common UPnP or disc players where “Stopping” a track will reset the CD to the beginning of the track list. The “Stop” API call is functionally equivalent to pressing Ctrl/Command + T in the Roon App itself and you can notice that there is similar behavior, it pauses the track and “releases” the device in the sense that you can now use the device in other programs. I hope this helps but let me know if you have additional questions.


OK, that makes sense - so even though the zone status is “paused” not “stopped”, the audio device has been released?


Correct, it releases the audio device and allows you to use it in other programs. May I ask what you are trying to do after releasing the device, is there a specific task you are hoping to perform and is not working? Please let me know if you can.


Yes, I’m running another program on the same PC with Roon (kodi). They occasionally compete for the audio device. I’m automating swapping between them.

I haven’t done any other troubleshooting yet, when I saw the “paused” status I just assumed that stop hadn’t worked. So the problem probably is elsewhere.