Storage Locations Truncated

Hi Roonsters

Haven’t posted for ages cos, to be frank, I haven’t used Roon for ages due to its refusal to allow browsing by folder. I’ve been using J River instead which I love. Anyway…long story short I thought I’d give Roon a fair crack at the whip and spent ages adding a ton of my folders and sub-folders where my music is stored so that I could use Inspector/Storage Locations to approximate to a folder browse. Unfortunately there still appears to be at least 2 problems using this method on my Tablet - (1) the storage locations (or folders as us normal people call them) appear in a random order (ie. not alphabetical) and (2) the folder names are massively truncated and only display the first few words and the last few words of the path which is more or less uselss for a deeply nested hierarchial structure. This makes picking the correct Storage Location challenging to say the least. Come on devs, if you’re gonna force us to use Storage Locations then sort out these 2 problems at the very least. (Same problem BTW when browsing albums on the tablet…album name is truncated with no method that I know of displaying the full name). Apologies if this has been fixed or tweaked somewhere but as I say I haven’t used Roon for ages due to this severe limitation and half-baked approach to a workable solution.


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