Storage Space - How to know how much is available/left?

Anyone know how I can view how much space is left on an external hard drive connected to my i7 NUC without unplugging it?

What OS is the NUC running?

Roon Rock Linux

The hard disk storing your music is accessible over the network since it is shared. On your computer in ‘network’ find Rock on your network and then go to Data/Storage/[yourdisk] Finder/explorer will now show the available space

I tried your method and the calculation never completes.

On a Windows PC, click into the top level network Storage folder so that you can see all your music folders. Select all using Ctrl-A . Right click with mouse and select Properties. That should calculate the size of your disc contents.

Now be very careful and deselect your selection by hitting ESC I think or clicking elsewhere within the folder. Otherwise, with everything selected it is easy to hit delete!