Storing CD location in Roon

I am in process of ripping my CDs to SSD, disposing of jewel cases, and storing silver discs in CD library bins.
I would like to be easily locate any disc in a bin, e.g. CD A101 in bin A location 101. How can I store the A101 info in Roon for a CD, and be able to locate and sort in Roon?

The best (and probably only) way to achieve this, is to tag your ripped Cd with the ‘RoonAlbumTag’.
You can read all about it over here:

Yeah, I could use tag to assign a bin location (A) but not individual CD address 101 unless I assign each CD it own tag A101, A102, etc…

You can create / use a “version” tag (A101, etc.) inside your files with your tagging software.
The version will be shown below the album cover in Roon

Which is exactly what you asked for.

You can also attach two tags (one for the bin and one for the number) to each CD.