Strange Crash Problem with Ropieee on Allo USBridge Signature and Topping D90SE

About every 4 -5 days my USBridge crashes and has to be power cycled to recover. This started when I switched from a Topping DX-7S to a D90SE. It occurs regularly regardless of Ropieee version installed.

I think the D90SE is causing the problem, but so far nothing I have tried has made any difference.

I sent feedback in the hope that this might provide a clue as to what is going on.


Hi @Kevin_Kennedy ,

Your logs seem fine. I do get the impression that you have more than 1 RoPieee units in your network? In that case make sure they have a different hostname.

What do you exactly mean with the ‘strange crash problem’? How do know it has crashed?
When it happens, can you reach the web interface?


Hi Harry,
Thank you for the very quick response! I have three endpoints, two running the 2022 latest version, and one running the older version with an official RPI screen which I will update soon. The other two use RPI4 and have been completely trouble free. They all have unique names.

This problem also existed in the brief time prior to the update to 2022 software. (I got this DAC last November)

The USBridge has an orange LED that flashes every half second or so when it is active. When it crashes this LED is either solid on or off. (Random) The unit is not accessible via the web interface and Roon does not see it.

This could be coincidental with the upgrade to the Topping D90 SE, but it seems connected as this never happened with the previous DAC, a Topping DX-7S.

I guess the next step is to swap the USBridge with my headless RPI4, and see if the RPI4 crashes or not. I can connect the USBridge to the DX-7S and see what happens.

I typically have months and months of uptime unless I take things apart.

Thanks again!

Hi Harry,
Your comment about the number of units in my network running Ropieee got me to thinking.and I checked for duplicate names and found one. Apparently in the hardware shuffle that resulted from the arrival of the new DAC somehow I ended up with two endpoints named “Ropieee” not coincidentally one of them was the one this DAC is connected to. This one is running on RPi Compute 3B and the other on an RPI 4 - it never crashed. Anyway it has been a week without any crashes. I will report back in a week to confirm this, but it looks like I am my own worst enemy… LOL

Thank you for your help!


I had another event tonight. I doubt this will be more informative. There was a brief power interruption that might account for this. Log sent right after reboot. I suspect the DAC.


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