Strangeness with authorizing and deauthorizing [resolved, misunderstanding of feature]

I can tell you there is a lot of strangeness going on with authorizing and unauthorizing roon cores.

I’m just wondering if thats the issue.

What strangeness? I’d be very surprised if there was bug here on our end.

I’d like to understand what you think should be happening and what is happening, as the most common issue here is a misunderstanding of the feature.

When I switch from one core to another , the Roon software is not always asking me to deauthorize the other core .
Not kidding . I’ve seen it happen several times going from mac Roon core to the Sonictransporter Roon core .
So is the mac really getting deauthorized when I switch if it doesn’t ask me to deauthorize?

are you restarting the core or just switching back and forth between cores with your remote? if just switching, the core would deauthorize until it checks its existing authorization. it could be a few hours, or it could be a few days.

it will however check within the next 30 days for sure.

if you restart the core, itll check on startup and if the network is up and running, and it will immediately notice it was deauthorized.

Just switching cores with the remote

ok then, that explains that :slight_smile:

no big deal… no issue here.

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