"Stravinski : Pétrouchka, Le Sacre du printemps" from Qobuz with incorrect grouping

This is how it looks like in Roon

This is how it looks like in Qobuz

Album link in Qobuz is Open Qobuz

If your library contains a lot of classical music, you should not rely too much on roon to populate your metadata. Too many inaccuracies. The only satisfactory solution is to edit your files manually with an app like yate (or Tag editor of you have a Mac).

I don’t actually have many local files, most of my playbacks are via Qobuz. Does local editing override Qobuz metadata?

Yes it does, but two observations:

  • because this is a multi-part work, you need to disable Roon’s multipart grouping in the Album Editor
  • you will need to edit the title for each track individually using Roon’s Track Editor, which can be a bit tiresome.