Stream to B&W Zeppelin Air

Hi, I’m trying to stream to a Zeppelin Air and no sound is coming out. Roon detects the speaker and I am able to select it as my output device. The progress bar proceeds as if music is playing, but there is no sound. I have verified the speaker works fine since I can stream to it via AirPlay from Spotify.

Note this used to work although it’s probably been 9-12 months since I last tried.

Any ideas? Thank you.

Hello @hammer,

When you go to the “Device Setup” page for the B&@ Zeppelin Air, what do option do you have selected for “Volume Control Mode”? While many AirPlay devices work out of the box with Roon, because of the lack of standardization with AirPlay devices sometimes things like volume control must be adjusted in order to get playback to work correctly.


In setup, I see Hide Volume Control in Roon (No), Channel Layout (2.0), Multichannel Mixing Strategy (Downmix as needed), External Volume Control (None) and External Source Controls.

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Hi @hammer — Thank you for the continued feedback here!

I wanted to chime in because @john had brought this thread to my attention and being as I have access to a B&W A&7, I figured I’d setup it up to see what I can come up with. It has been an hour now and have had no problems with the device. That being said, while it seems a touch elementary, have you tried doing a factory reset on the device to see if you can get it out of this state?


Hi @eric, thank you for your suggestion. I finally got a chance to try it, but unfortunately, resetting the Zeppelin did not solve the issue. I am still able to stream other sources such as Spotify using Airplay to the Zeppelin, but I cannot from Roon. What I can do is pretend to play Roon to my ipad and then stream that to the Zeppelin…so I am thinking the Airplay setup is working correctly? Also, I have made sure the most recent firmware for the Zeppelin is installed.

Thank you, Hammer