Streaming from a NAS to the Roon app

I’m looking to stream music from my Synology NAS to my mobile (iOS) and at a 2nd stage to an Arcam rPlay. Additionally I’d like to download some playlists to the phone for use on the go.

I have tried Synology’s proprietary “Audio Station” (server) plus the “DS Audio” (iOS client). However it feels pretty clunky. So I looked around and think Roon could be an option. Here my newbie questions:

  1. Can Roon run on a Synology DS1520+? How do I install it?

  2. Can the Roon iPhone app act as a “renderer” itself and play songs streamed from the Roon server on the NAS?

  3. If so, can the iPhone app download playlist for offline listening?

Many thanks for any help!

  1. sort-of, but not recommended
  2. yes
  3. no
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Generally I agree with @David_Synder when it comes to Roon on a Synology NAS, however, the DS1520+ is one of the better ones equiped with a 4 core Celeron cpu and 8gb of ram out of the box. The main issue as I see it is placing the Roon database on a tradition spinning HD but as this is a 5 bay version you could go 4 x std hdd in raid 10 and then install an ssd in the 5th slot for Roon’s exclusive use. Even better up the ram to 16GB and then, unless you need to run heavy EQ, I would say this should work well enough.

As for installation there is an installer app provided at Synology – RoonOnNAS

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I have been using an 1517+ with even lower specs. No problem at all. Just make sure to assign a SSD (either in a bay, USB3 or eSATA connected) and you are good.

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Personally Plex Pass and Plex Amp would suit your needs better. It runs on a Nas well, will stream to you phone and has offline capabilities.

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@Richard_Jackson Thanks for the details. Good to know that Roon Core is available as an external installer.

@Bernd_Kurte At the moment I have only HDDs (in SHR 1 configuration) in my Syno. Is the SSD absolutely needed?

@CrystalGipsy Super interesting idea! Thank you. - If that’s so, what is (independent of my use case) Roon better at than Plex?

Yes. Nothing major just to hold the database. Spinning drives are too slow, they are good to hold the audio files but not the database. You could attach a reasonably sized external USB3 SSD.

Overall music management is superior in Roon, better UI and navigation, better metadata links and integration, it’s bit perfect, supports more hardware integrations, DSP engine, has Qobuz and Tidal, supports MQA if that’s your thing. Many many more things.

But if you want it to just play music in or out of your house Plex fits the bill. I have both but only use Plex mainly for video and occasionally when I am away from home. I would not use it for music in my house it’s just not as good as Roon.

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In my experience, no. I run Core on a 918+ with no SSD, and it works fine. I keep meaning to try adding an SSD, but haven’t gotten around to it.

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