Streaming from Tidal unfolds, Roon does not, correct?

Just wanted to clarify, in order to get the full/half benefit’s of the ‘masters’ albums (without an MQA DAC) I would need to let the Tidal desktop app do the 1st s/w ‘unfolding’ as this is not yet supported in roon 1.3?

I assume this has probably been asked, but will this be implemented in roon 1.4 or in some interim update?
(I understand this is more to do with being allowed to implement it at this stage.)

Thanks for all the hard work in 1.3 (new features are great) , I have been a long time roon user and will continue to support you guys.

So I take it a lot of roon users are currently streaming direct from the Tidal desktop app at the moment as opposed to using roon? I find the Tidal app clunky so can’t wait for roon to be allowed to perform the first level unfolding.
I guess if it sounds better using roon no matter what s/w decoding is going on that’s all that matters.


MQA is coming to Roon, but not at the moment…how soon is not committed but its coming we are told.

It might be that when it initially comes its a similar unfolding as the Tidal desktop…but who knows what magic might await us.

Yes, when I want to hear the Tidal Masters version of albums.

But since 1.3 I have been enjoying Roon’s new DSP features (Nice!) and haven’t listened through Tidal.

No. Listen only thru roon. Tried MQA, didn’t mention an audible benefit for me and don’t care anymore about it.