Streaming input port on the core

The Use Case is that I might want to play alternative streaming sources to my Roon end point which doesn’t support the requested protocol (for example, a Sooloos endpoint doesn’t act as an AirPort speaker). Rather than having Roon support the protocol directly (which might involve licence / questionable legality) the core could have a generic RTSP/RTP or HTTP input port which is available when nothing else is being played. From there you could have another application act as a protocol converter which makes the Roon playback pipe available to other clients.

This is sort-of like IP radio except the core is passive and an external client asks to use the playout pipe.

Make sense?

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is there already some way one can use analog source (with ADC), or digital for that matter, to be streamed through Roon?

I spoke about this here:

This would be one way for users to send Spotify, Quobuz etc. to a RAAT based home distribution without implementing Tidal like integration.