Streaming internet content to Squeezebox without LMS

I bought into the Squeezebox ecosystem over 10 years ago. I became increasingly unhappy with LMS performance with a large music library so when my LMS computer died early this year, I decided to try Roon.

I’m pretty happy with Roon (still hoping for iPhone output) but I’m used to being able to stream most internet content to my Squeezeboxes when I had LMS, e.g., podcasts, lectures, audio books, etc.

It would be nice to have this in Roon, where I could easily transfer between rooms, sync, etc., but it doesn’t sound like this will happen any time soon.

So my question is: Does anybody know how to do this without LMS?

It would be nice if I could switch between Roon and other content going to the Squeezebox without needing to mess with the Squeezebox.