Streaming URLs and internet radio

I saw a list of many URLs for internet radio, but if there’s a specific station I’d like to stream, how do I find if they allow streaming and how do I obtain the streaming URL? I’m interested in high bit rate jazz stations, including smooth jazz ( yeah I know, muzak light). Thanks in advance for any help. Andy

typically a station will have info on accessing streams on their website. What is the station you are interested in?

Any smooth jazz station with a high bit rate. I found one

hmmm. seems to be an internet only streaming station with essentially no information about URLs, if there even is one. Some stations only have webplayers. How about something like:

great jazz station (in paris, france), (edit, seems to show as embedded player, right click on it and copy link). Station called “TSF Jazz”

linn jazz is mostly smooth(ish) jazz. At 320kb mp3.

or the classic newark nj jazz station, WBGO

Thanks I’ll try those…