Stuck on chmod step

Need some help installing roonserver.

I’m a complete linux novice but managed to get ubuntu server 16.04.1 running on an intel NUC.

I’ve got as far as step 1, using curl to download the installer script, which seems to go ok.

But when I try “chmod +x” I get, “chmod cannot access/ no such file or directory exists”.

Any advice would be appreciated

after the curl step type

$ ls

what do you get?

Could you type the commands

ls -l

and post what they output?

The “pwd” command prints the current working directory. The “ls -l” command gives a bit more info about the files in the current directory than simple “ls”.

I’ve done a similar installation last week, but with Ubuntu desktop because it seemed a bit easier to install at the time and I use Ubuntu desktop at work so I’m pretty familiar with it (I might move to server if I have time to mess around a bit more).

After ls I get “music share”

ls-1 gives the same answer

The command I suggested is “ell ess space minus ell”. Unfortunately the default sans serif font on this forum does not distinguish between “one” and “ell”.

OK after ls-l I get

total 8
drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Jul 28 15:19 music
drwxrwxr-x 2 russell russell 4096 Jul 28 17:00 share

Many thanks for the help

so the issue here is that you are either not downloading the installer or it downloads to somewhere that you aren’t

try this

$ cd ~
$ pwd

what do you get?

Hum… That looks a bit strange. Can you also post the output of


$ cd ~
$ pwd

I get

ok now do the curl step


$ ls

again and post everything that shows

Copied from the bottom of the curl to ls

if [ x$1 == xuninstall ]; then
russell@Music:~$ ls
music share

ok my bad i wasn’t clear

$ cd ~

this puts you ih your home directory, /home/russell

$ pwd

just confirms you are there

if you then run

$ curl -O

it should download the installer to /home/russell


$ ls

should show the installer

Yes that worked

I’m in!!

Thank you so much

Enjoy :relaxed: