Subgenre not listed after selecting top level genre

In the genre page, if I select a top level genre (e.g. Pop/Rock), the Albums, the Artists and Radio Stations are listed. I miss the list of the corresponding subgenres. If I remember correctly, in the past the subgenres were also listed. Thanks for clarification!

they are for me all the way at the bottom. I clicked on Genre Chose R&B and at the bottom I get

Now, why a Pic of Eddie Van Halen is used for Post-Disco (aside from playing a solo on Beat It) I have no idea. @connor

Thanks for the quick response. I knew i saw it before. Is there any setting I have to consider?
Currently I have no active subscription to a streaming service, so only local music imported. Could this be the issue? I am using an iPad.

I only use genre from roon. No extraction from file tags.

Yes, indeed, since in that case, it will, I think, only grab sub-genres from music or Artists you actually have in your library.

For example: I have Pop/Rock and Heavy Metal. Both show up on the main genre page. But if I select Pop/Rock no Subgenre is shown. Heavy Metal is a Subgenre of Pop/Rock.

I will check again on my Mac, if the behavior is the same and post a screenshot.

Could you check In Settings / Library / IMport settings, to see if


Is set to YES? If so, then you can go under Genre Mappings and see if somehow Heavy Metal got
pulled up to be a top level Genre.

I will check this.
In the meantime, here is what it looks like in the main genre view:

And this is what I see at the bottom, if I select for example Pop/Rock

No Subgenre is listed - that is strange… I will try your suggestion. But it is not only Heavy Metal missing. It seems there is no hierarchy at all.

Now I have set the tag to yes (Use file tag) and I saw the mess which was produced due to using my file tag. I immediately stopped the process :slight_smile:

Could it be that Roon has problems with my internal file tags (Style), even if I set "Use genres extracted from file tag to No?

If this is the case, I could just remove the tag in a bulk process. Do I need to reimport everything to check if this could make a difference.
Thanks in advance.

I don’t think your tag has any influence if you have that set to NO. I was curious because if you set it to YES, then you can get to Genre Mappings and change Roon’s base hierarchy. I am not sure that Roon uses “Style”, I know it uses “Genre”

About those settings, check out this FAQ

And then about file tag best practices

Well, I just cleared the Style tag in all my music files in a bulk process. I did this in Yate tagger. Since all my music files are on an usb drive, this took not so long.

Guess what? Everything is fine now. The Subgenres are displayed correctly.
Really strange. I don’t care, cause everything is fine now.
Thank you for your support!

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