Subradar (winner, winner, chicken dinner !)

I recently followed @RBM 's excellent advice and purchased “Body” by The Necks from Subradar a Norwegian digital music store that curates content from a number of labels specialising in free and improvised jazz. Body is a great album from a great band, The Necks will be well known to improvisational instrumental music lovers. There are a couple of Tidal releases online that will give you a feel for the band. Body has passages which have been favourably compared to The Stooges by Thom Jurek in his review, so its got a pretty solid groove for jazz.

But apart from the pleasure of listening to Body, a special thrill was in store for me when I found I was the 100th download for the month and had won 5 free albums from their catalogue !

Obviously the first order of the day was to brag to Rene and make him sick with envy on his seaside holiday. Having gotten that necessary duty out of the way I had to turn to the vexed question of what to choose.

I was a bit conservative and filled out my Necks albums with a couple of others of interest:

The Necks - Chemist
The Necks - Townsville
The Necks - Hanging Gardens
Monkey Plot - Here I Sit, Knowing All Of This
Leon Michener - Strange Landscapes

This thread is to invite discussion of the Subradar catalogue. What should I have chosen ? What hidden gems did I miss out on ?