Subscription Renewal

My annual subscription to Qobuz expires in the next day or so. I have been trying for two days to update my credit card information but am not having any success. When I click on my profile on the web page for Qobuz and then click on update my credit card information I am taken to a generic page that explains the various streaming options but no page to update credit card info. I also want to change my streaming profile. No luck there either. Is anyone else having this issue? I have tried this with two different MAC computers with two different browsers on both machines. I logged a case with Qobuz but it seems to take forever for them to respond. Can someone else try clicking on any of the change links and let me know if you come up empty like I did? Thanks.

“Change plan” and “Update payment information” both seem to go to the same page that describes the plans. You may have to contact support. Qobuz’ web site is a shit show…


Oh and if you have a twitter account, you can contact @qobuzusa and let them know that you’ll have to cancel because you can’t enter your credit card information. They will probably respond :slight_smile:

Thanks for trying it for me. I wanted to make sure it was not something I am doing wrong. Apparently it was not me. I agree. Their web page is terrible.

I think I discovered how you can change that info:

From there, click on “My account”… I was able to see my current payment method, plan, etc.

Oops, nope, after clicking on “change plan”, you’re back at the same dead-end. :frowning:

Go to:
You have to log in first, then click on your name.

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Interesting. You are not in the US (I think). It’s not working at all here in the US.

Thanks for continuing to try. I opened a ticket with them. Hopefully they figure it out soon.

Axel I clicked on your link in your post. It’s not a US link. So when I click it I am automatically redirected to the US site which does not work. I can’t get to the site you can get to because I am in the US.

Go to:

Type at the hamburger menu icon, left side on top

Done with my phone.

@John_Aiello -

From upstate NY, I logged in, clicked on ‘My Profile’ and got here -

Thanks Slim. I get there also. Now click on Change Plan or Update Payment Method. Both of those checks take you to the same dead end. Try it yourself.

Axel I really appreciate that you are trying to help. I can get as far as you have shown. It’s change plan or change credit card that does not work. Did you try it?

Hmm, I got this -

and then this -

Because I’m on an annual plan, I can’t proceed any further to see what you are encountering.

everything working for me, Germany

Just one thing, I payed via PayPal the first time. And now, if I don’t cancel subscription, I don’t have to do anything else.

Slim this is weird because I can’t get past a page that has Studio Premier at the top. I see where you got but I can’t get there. Really weird. Are you PC or Mac?