Suggestion for a roon setup with NAS and Anthem

I have a question for a Roon setup:

I have a Core-i3-QNAP NAS with a Roon Core installation in my basement.
It is wired to my network.
It will recognize two physically local audio devices from “Intel”

I have many Sonos speakers.

I have an Anthem MRX740 AVR in my living room, also wired network. It’s not roon-ready (yet).
I have a nVidia Shield in my living room, also wired network.
That Shield is connected to my Anthem AVR using HDMI.
That Shield acts as a Google Chromecast target.

I have a lot of music on my NAS (as above)

What is the best ways to enjoy my music on my Anthem?

Hi there, me again.

Bought a Raspi and built a RoPieee with HiFi Berry Digi2 Pro and a coaxial cable from the HiFi Berry to the Anthem. Works perfectly.

The Anthem should be Roon-Ready soon, then I maybe won’t need that workaround ($100) anymore.

So I installed the Roon core on my i3-QNAP NAS and use my Windows computer to setup everything. I was able to add my RoPieee and my Sonos speakers to Roon and I am happy.

So I don’t use any HDMI connection. The Sonos might not be the best candidat but it works.

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Install Roon on Qnap then connect qnap 2 anthem via hdmi
Add you library on nas 2 Roon server by app on iOS or other device…configure on app the hdmi output connected 2 anthem

That’s all!!!

As the Anthem is in a different room (living) as the NAS (basement) I would have needed a 50m HDMI cable so I opted for the RoPieee.

I did same but used the the optical output of my hifiberry digipro2. Also I used the hifiberry instead of ropieee. No idea if any of those things are better or make a difference :slight_smile:

I have the older Anthem 720MRX but have been thinking about upgrading to the newer one for the improved setup and hopefully better integration with the rest of my setup.