Suggestion for NAS Storage?

Hello All. I’m rarely on here and have attempted to search for info on a recommended NAS just for storage and just decided to ask while I continue to read though everything… I’ve had Roon for Several Years now but never really used it to its full potential and just now deciding to optimize everything I have at my disposal.

I have a maximized NUC with Roon Rock running well and have Several different End-Points that we use for dedicated Headphone Listening Lounge Stations. I want to add an 80TB+ NAS for Storage of music content and just attempting to figure out which NAS is best along with recommended Drives for the NAS? Any and All Founded Recommendation will be, and are, truly appreciated.

Just want to be able to have as much content as we can for all of the Members to access…

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

You can find lots of info here
I would go Synology you can find lots of information here Synology Knowledge Center

Depends on your needs , I use a DS 720+ but that has enough power to run virtual machines and is really quick, for something more basic you could look at a DS220+

These are both 2 bays, I only have 1 disk installed but that is backed up to an external USB and also to the cloud using idrive.

It all depends how much data you have and if you want a basic setup or complex raid, none of which gives you a robust back up which should be a main requirement.

Thanks for your input. I’m actually looking at RAID Array multi-bay (6 to 9/12) type units with High Capacity. I’m only going to use this for storage since my NUC is running the Core efficiently.

Several of us, including me, is quite happy with Qnap. 80TB sounds like a lot, so you need at least a 6 or maybe a 8 bay version.
Also consider a version with the possibility to add separate M2 disk in RAID 1 or 0 as the OS disks. This can also be added as an extra card, combined with higher ethernet bandwidth.

This one may not be too expensive:

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These are a little more expensive but have good power and support if needed. I have been using mine for quite a few years with no issues (it was FreeNas back then and they were a little cheaper when I got mine).

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