Suggestions for changes in version 1.8

My work process:
I look for new, interesting albums in various sources (BBC Music, ClassicsToday, Gramophone, Pizzicato etc.). When I find something, I put it in my roon library.
Then I work a lot with tags. Here are some suggestions for this area:

  1. Include a tag symbol next to the “three dots” - so that I can get to the tags with one click!
  2. I want the “Add to Tag” window to remain open so that I can insert multiple tags. Now I always have to use 3 clicks for each new tag.
  3. In the window “Add to tag”, not only the last 3 tags should be visible at the beginning, but 5 or more. I often use the same tags in a row.
  4. It would also be possible to show the tags in the order in which they were used.
    These changes would make my workflow a lot easier!
    I’m very happy with 1.8 - good job!