Suggestions for cost-effective hardware upgrades to run Roon 2.0?

Your tablet is running the older version of 1.8, not 1.8 Legacy. You need to install the latter in order to talk to the 1.8 Legacy version running on your Mac mini.

Unistall the 1.8 from your tablet, and install 1.8 Legacy available in the link given in this article:

Roon 1.8 <-> 2.0 Migration FAQ (

I.e. this version:

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Thank you for the detailed explanation…

This worked… since my mac mini where core is stored and my ipad are both 5 plus years old what is the most cost effective solution to upgrade to 2.0 (would love to listen in my car)

Thanks again for your help.

I’ll move your question (and this reply) into a new topic, and let others chime in. I don’t use Apple products, so cannot make any useful suggestions.

What versions of iOS and macOS are you running?

Roon 2.0 will run on iOS devices currently running 1.8. For macOS, it’s 10.15, which runs on approx. 10-year old Macs.