Suggestions for endpoints

I currently have Roon running on a headless Mac Mini with a Meridian MS200 as the endpoint into my main system, with a couple of Apple airport expresses in two rooms around the house. I can group the Airplay devices but not the MS200 of course.

If I wanted multiple endpoints that I could group (i.e. multi-room), what would you suggest for matching endpoints? I would be up for keeping the MS200 for the main system (and supplementing it with another endpoint when I wanted multi-room), but am not mad keen on the airplay devices. I don’t like the delay when selecting them, or the limited output quality.

I have an Oppo BDP 103 in the main system - not sure if this can be used as an endpoint. For the endpoints, cost is an issue (or else I would have bought multiple MS200s) and while I’m not really tech savvy I am willing to give ideas a go.

If you’re willing to give it a go, then putting together an endpoint based on a Raspberry Pi plus an add-on board from either IQaudIO or HiFiBerry is really very straightforward.

Rene has a very good guide to the various options and their assembly.

@Quarterbar, John, MS200’s can be picked up used for around £200 in the UK not sure where you are? So as you already have one I would suggest that used MS200’s could be the best way forward for you regarding cost and grouping, or as @Geoff_Coupe says an all raspberry pi setup could be a good option.


Thank you @Geoff_Coupe and @Ratbert … I’m going to have a go with Raspberry Pi.