Suggestions for Setting Up Hi-Res Storage on NAS?

I’m about to start exploring Hi-Res files and wondering about best storage strategy on my Buffalo NAS to enable easy access through Roon. Regular files are ALAC in iTunes.

For Hi-Res, should I be setting up separate folders for MQA and other formats? BTW, will be using w/Meridian Explorer2 DAC.

If there’s a best practices or primer document for storing Hi-Res, please point me to it.


Bob C

I store my files on my NAS by where they came from. If I got music from Pro Studio Masters the music goes into a sub directory called Pro Studio Masters, etc. At the end of the day it probably doesn’t matter since Roon just mushes them all together. I like to store them separately so I can see how much I have of each type although I really have not looked in a long time.

I think it’s simple to create one folder per artists and one sub-folder per album.

What’s important is to backup your library.

Then, Roon will take care of it, you might to use a backup (a third one) for Roon only in case it messes up with your original file organization.

I agree let Roon do the work

A folder per Artist, sub folder per Album with Suffix for format


Let it Be - HD - Source etc

Roon will sort em out


I store my music largely by filetype. I have a foldder for legacy mp3, one for lossless (flac) and one for speech (plays, radio shows etc., mainly mp3). That works well and Roon - as stated elsewhere - sorts them out fairly well.

My advice on a similar topic (filing photo images) is to use a ssytem that works for you. Metadata systems tend to sort it all out, albeit with a bit of help sometimes!