Suitable Raspberry Pi for HIFIBERRY DAC+ PRO, with 7" screen and ethernet

Hi there,
Sorry if this has already been covered but I couldn’t see in the list of topics…
I am planning on putting together my first hardware roon player.
The setup will be:

  • hardwired ethernet
  • 7" touch screen screen
    running RePieee (perhaps the XL variant)

I have a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B (Not the B+). Would this work ok?
(I assume, as I’m using the HifiBerry DAC board, all the decoding will be done by my server so there would be less load on the Pi?)
If this isn’t going to be good enough, which Pi should I use?

I believe it would. The B+ adds wifi and gigabit ethernet (though not at gigabit speeds), but its really only an incremental update. If you don’t need wifi, a 3 should be fine.

I use a 3+ with 7” display and hifiberry amp via wifi, it works great!

Hi Mike,
Great. I’ll give it a go with the 3 I already have then.
Cheers for the info :slight_smile: