Super Tramp - Crime of the Century - SCHOOL

SuperTramp on YouTube: “School - Roger Hodgson (Supertramp) Writer and Composer” from 5 Years Ago.

At ~4:17…what is that percussive (hand held) instrument? That is what I was referencing but it looks nothing as I described.

I believe that is a vibraslap. It may have also been used quite prominently in the song “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osborne.

Thank you. Interesting instrument (“that’s what she said.”)

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It’s quite widely used apparently, courtesy of Wikipedia

The Wiki you kindly forwarded just reminded me that it was never SuperTramp’s “School.”

It was used in my wife’s favorite song “Low Spark of High Heeled Boys”.

So I created a thread of very little utility based upon a false memory like that of my alien abduction.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, and may I say…Oy.


Your wife has great taste! I’ve only recently got back into Traffic/Stevie Winwood, having not listened to them for many years. Radio Paradise plays that track fairly frequently, so it’s appeared on my radar every so often.


She’s from a different generation so she has discovered the music through me. It is exceptionally compelling that Winwood was between 16-17. Very interesting that such incredible talent never arises to the popularity/fame of those who have commercial success. David Gilmour once said that (at that time) one of his greatest disappointments that he is not a name-recognition of Eric Clapton. It takes more than guitar chops to be legendary; it takes a lot of self promotion.

Similar situation to me. I’m a child of the ‘sixties, my wife of the ‘eighties, so I love introducing her to music through recordings and live shows.
Winwood was strikingly good. My favourite song he recorded is probably Blind Faith’s Can’t Find My Way Home, although I love a lot of his output.


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Can’t Find My Way Home and Grand Funks “I’m Your Captain.” put me to sleep many nights. There was a radio show called Hedsounds which was taken off the air. I have a cassette of the final hour, 1972.

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Reading the posts in this thread flashes me back to another time and maybe another earth…
Could it be that we audioholics are the survivors of an extinct culture? :thinking:


There were more reasons to disassemble music in years passed. You cared about even whether “he used 9’s or 11’s” and whether “was that a cow bell?”

There is less of that today. It is not all just nostalgia; much of is immersion.


Maybe because nostalgia we immerse?

Well, that’s an excellent point, but there are songs/albums that we (can) treasure for their composition even though not part of our youth. I like “My Fair Lady” and Metallica’s black album although either not part of my own youth. Mario Lanza and Harry James. My dog liked Bohemian Rhapsody because apparently some guitar parts sounded like the song of his people (my daughter’s interpretation as to why the song made him throw his head back and howl.

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I am actually revisiting songs of my youth that I missed the first time around for one reason or another. So many bands and songs that I couldn’t stand at the time have me living that period all over again! Supertramp is but one of many that I have gone back and listened to - nay, dissected- in the same way that the music I did listen to back then was devoured. At this rate, I feel quite confident that I shall reach the 1990’s in about 10 years!!

When I saw Queen with Freddie in concert, I also threw my head back and howled. Your dog may be spot on, or at least, entirely appropriate.

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Not sure it’s a high hat, sounds like one is used on bloody well right and it sounds from the right speaker, the other sound is in the centre.

From a 60 year old who has just had a full ear wash and clean and the music is sounding awesome again…

This would be a great album if I were deaf. Memorable lyrics! :grinning: