Superficial Roon Updates?

I’m with you @Gigatoaster. I’ve seen other software development companies solicit and incorporate user feedback in planning their software releases. It may not work for Roon, but seems like a natural thing to do with such a lively and active user community.

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‘Superficial’ is not the word I would have used. There’s nothing superficial about fixing a bug.

Disappointing’ is the word I would use.

Most of the ‘feature’ requests, i.e. a mobile or cloud based app, better handling of box sets and/or classical music, screen design that either scrolls horizontally or vertically, or any other request/complaints that may come to mind, don’t really effect me. Although I’m sure that are those who still wait for these improvements or fixes, as the case may be.

In these pages, I complained about the way ‘Shuffle’ persists, but I don’t expect that design to change. It’s a philosophical choice, albeit one I don’t understand, on the part of the designers.

My current complaint concerns the trap that is potentially lying in wait for all those who use Roon’s Backup and who expect it to have some integrity, and although the signs are hopeful, it’s too big a task to be done on the spur of the moment

For me, the one big thing I’d like to see is an improved ‘Focus on Similar’.

‘Focus on Similar’ is a hot, steaming mess. It just doesn’t work. Also, the design should be broadened to consider criteria for something being similar other than just genre. A discussion that is off-topic here.

Pretty sure Roon has great things in store, probably in V2.0.
I’m just hoping we don’t have to go through numerous builds, in V1.8 and V1.9, to get there.


The thing is, we will need to if that’s what it takes. Every upgrade is a step on the journey…

All the possible iterations of a version don’t have to be exhausted before the great leap comes.

That’s why shops are usually divided into Maintenance vs. Development. There’s an entire software industry devoted to keeping source changes in sync between the two endeavors…

But we don’t have to argue about that, here.

This update has fixed two bugs for me very happy.

I bought future updates as well.

“To us, a lifetime sale represents a commitment to support a subscriber, including all the future costs associated with that commitment.”

I agree. However, there were no promises what the updates may or may not include or even if there would be updates. To expect Roon to implement a bunch of updates just because someone puts them on a top 10 list is ludicrous IMHO. Roon just issued an update and we all got it. Did they send you a bill? I don’t think so.

Why would they send me a bill? I already paid for the update as Danny’s quote confirms. [Moderated]

My point is that we are getting the updates that Roon promised when we purchased a lifetime subscription.

Again, have a look to the thread (please really do it), you are clearly not getting the point. How’s this for someone, or some “random dude” like you make allusion to. See more than one person: 210 replies, 8.7k views, 125 users. It’s the 30th most view thread in the Feature Request sub-forum, duh!!!

The world of listening to music has changed dramatically over the last few years. I once considered remote access to my music library as a very high priority. However, with Qobuz (and other high quality streaming services), I no longer consider it a great need - although it would be nice to have. I suspect, these days, I will get more use out of the new “sleep” option than I would out of remote access to my music.


My thinking (hoping) is that we are only seeing bug fixes and minor improvements as Roon is holding back on the big stuff for V2.

Roon knows they have to evolve and keep people interested in their product as if they don’t people will drift away or something better will come along.

They need new subscribers as those lifetime subs won’t last forever.

If the purpose of Roon is to facilitate the listening to high resolution music on high resolution sound reproduction systems, why would anyone ever lose interest? I agree they need to continue to stay ahead of the competition.

Because (imo) the listening is only part of the Roon experience for many people. What does a timer have to do with how the music sounds?

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Again, my point, I don’t think people will lose interest in Roon and drift away if Roon doesn’t implement every customer request on some top 10 list. I don’t agree that this latest update or any previous update is or was superficial.

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Roon should have two types of releases:

  1. Maintenance Releases
  2. New Feature Releases

The maintenance releases should happen much more frequently than what we experience now and the update process should be simpler. A patch mechanism of some type should be involved. Waiting for months on end for bug fixes is not a smart model. Roon should not be afraid to fix a single bug in a timely manner and release that fix to the community.

New feature releases should focus on new features. Yes, it is fine to put bug fixes in feature releases but that should not be the dominant reason for the release.

I have to say that Roon is moving way too slow with bug fixes and new features. It’s a good thing that I bought my lifetime subscription based on the feature set present at the time.


And actually - Why are you telling us about it and why right now?
What you want to achieve… What is the message?
It’s as if I would suddenly say: I don’t wanna Roon to teach my dog singing.
Who cares…


On these forums, people are free to express what they like, don’t like, want, and don’t want. They are not free to criticize other people.

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Hi, that’s intriguing, so you’re listening to most of your music on alternative apps? Or are you listening less to music in general? If the first I would stop my subscription to Roon. If the second, I’d sell all my music gear! :slight_smile:

Personally for me it’s interesting that Roon has significantly increased my overall music listening. Weird.

Roon in the car would be useful, but I prefer to listen to radio stations, so not a top priority.

My number 1 for Roon is increased content provision - too many albums have no reviews.

Happy listening! :slight_smile:


I fixed Mobile easily , its my OLD iPod Classic 80gb . MP3 , UGH but with road noise who can tell

Perish the thought I even use iTunes or even JRiver if I have to for maintaining it

Why would I need access to 6500 albums and Tidal and Qobuz to drive 20 km each way daily (which I no longer do). Perhap my attention span is waning :heart_eyes:

Ah well my 2p …

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