Support ADC -> RAAT streaming

Roon really is a great multi-zone system. A feature that I find missing relative to say something like Musiccast is a device that can accept analog audio in, digitize it and stream it to another room.

For eg, I would really like to connect an ADC to my R-Pi and have that receive a signal from my turntable via my amp and send it to a zone upstairs.

I have just purchased a phono stage with built in ADC. It would be a great addition to Roons’ capability even if it were product specific. Did someone say PS Audio?:slight_smile:

I agree it would be great its one feature my Naim system can do but I only have one.

This came up in another thread as an interesting solution you could stream via Roons internet radio.

I have been considering the ps audio one for some time to

A bit of the RPi budget area though !

I agree it looks fascinating


Yes - interesting contraption - I didn’t see anything about cost though.

For me personally I would much rather use my own ADC as I already have a great phono pre-amp in my A-S2100 amp and my turntable is already connected to it and so I would just connect the pre-amp’s rec-out to an external ADC (current have an RME UFX on there which is part of my studio system) and then it will work with whatever source I am playing.

I already have Roon extensions to deal with input selection and volume control on the amp. Roon integrated ADC is the missing link :slight_smile:

This use of component of choice rather than having to deal with someone else’s choices is another of the reasons I like Roon over other multi-zone media player systems.

A DIY solution for this is discussed here: