Support Contributing Artists/Compilations

It seems there is no support for artists in Compilation Albums.
As far as I understand the My Library → Artists shows only the artists of albums, if you have a compilation album, the artists in each track are not displayed.
What is worse if I search for that artists, I can see all albums from Tidal but I will not see the song in my compilation.
Can you please:

  1. Detect that if an album is a compilation you will add the artists in each song.
  2. If you have multiple artists in an album show/display/index all of them?
    Specifically if you find a file that has multiple artists in its metadata, that could be a hint that you could prefer the file metadata instead of the one in Roon.

PS It seems there is a similar problem if there are multiple artists in an album, but you can work around that by editing the album and adding a primary artist.

Can you be more specific.

In any compilation album I have each individual artist is listed for the tracks. For Example, I go to Artist “Bee Gees”, look under Discography and scroll down, any Compilation that has the Bee Gees on it will be listed, for example “Saturday Night Fever”. If I click on that, I am presented with only the Bee Gee tracks on that compilation. If I click to show the whole I album, I see all the tracks on Saturday Night Fever with the artist who performed them listed. See…

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for your answer, you choose the perfect example as I have the same album and no album in which the Bee Gees are the artist:
Here is the album:

If you go to “My Library” → “Artists”, Bee Gees is missing:

If you search for “Bee Gees”, we find them of course:

But in Appearances in My Library, “Saturday Night Fever” is missing:

If you go to Discography, you will go to the very bottom, after 52 albums to find the one I have:

So the feature is to request that the ARTIST in individual tracks are also included in the Artists and also give preference to compilation albums in my library that have the ARTIST under "Appearances in MY Library " and DIscography.

Just a point here that this problem still exists in 2.0, even with the super duper online search for which offline access is being restricted.

I suspect that this may be a bug, because if you go to the Bee Gees Artist page, and select the Discography tab, and click the “in my Library” icon, then the SNF album shows up under Compilations, as it should…