Support Enhancement: Automate Gathering of User System Information

Posting in the support section is VERY onerous: Lots of tedious system info to fill out, located in many places within a users system - painful, even more so for those w/o an IT background. Be like Sonos: just anonymously gather all that data automatically - either via a “forever” permissions flag in settings, or when users request a diagnotic review / session (probably easier to maintain anonymity). VOTE IT UP!!!

Nice idea, but I don’t see how you could automate the sections on ‘Networking Gear & Setup Details’, ‘Connected Audio Devices’ and ‘Description of Issue’. Fair enough, the ‘Roon Core Machine’ and ‘Number of Tracks’ could be automated, but how could the remainder of the required info be gathered?

The user info could be gathered as part of the user’s profile (audio, networking gear, etc…). The goal would be to automate as much as possible, streamline / simplify the rest. Even the current form could be simplified < it doesn’t need to be so exhaustive for triage.

I disagree. Lost count of the number of times I have had to ask how their system is connected together or even what they are running Roon Core on. Even the most basic information is commonly omitted. Anyone without an IT background is not able to judge what information is important verses what isn’t, depending upon the issue they are having.