Support for a video library and streaming videos to display devices

Hi, an amazing addition to the feature set would be the ability to play videos such that the video will stream to tablet and the music streamed to the music system…of course with the video and audio time synced.

Therein lies the challenge. This would probably require a re-architecting of the entire transport mechanism and likely would knock out a lot of endpoints that cannot provide any feedback that would allow audio/video sync. I’d love to see it too - I have over 10k in-concert videos - but this feature will probably never happen, or only happen when the Roon team has a wealth of extra time on their hands, which presently seems quite distant…

Absolutely not a feature I want from Roon. Roon is for audio, plenty of other options out there for video.


Jriver can do this, audiophile, AND videos.

I’m thinking with a mic on the tablet, that it might be easy to sync…

Two things have come to me early on in this experience.the first is whether or not this platform would support streaming video. Seems like a good direction to take things. Secondly, Why is there no drag and drop inside of the playlist to move things around in a given matter vs. having to rely upon a randomization algorithm that is not constant or go back to the drawing board. Just saying, your environmnet will be much more marketable with Drag and Drop featurse.

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Hi Michael,

Are you aware of PLEX? It shares many of the features of Roon in concept; ie organizing and presenting videos in a logical manner.

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so does jriver support video and photo too…but I like roon as a dedicated audio only app and I will bet that’s where it will remain


Well, there is… Those three little lines by each track in the Queue and Roon playlists are drag handles…

Unfortunately, you can’t (yet?) do drag and drop on TIDAL playlists.

If video gets supported I’d say it should be limited to music videos and concerts - and maybe related making-of stuff (a bit like in the music part of iTunes).

Cinema / TV will be better served with other media solutions (plex, emby, kodi, …).

It certainly would be great to have music and concert videos displayed with associated audio content.

This is a lot more complex than it may originally seem, however. Roonbridge would need to become a whole video transport protocol and dealing with latency (audio-video out of sync) sounds like an extreme challenge. And then there are all of those “Roon ready” devices out there that are not capable of video at all.

So I am thinking this is would be after all the audio stuff is totally fleshed out and functional. Feels pretty distant from here.

Yeah, won’t happen next week, I’m afraid. :sunglasses:

From a technical point of view I think playback could get limited to Roon UI clients (so not too much hassle) and maybe later on some Cast protocols (Google, ATV). Nothing to be added to Roon bridges or so.

That would likely be easier. But think about how much of a departure that would be from Roon’s philosophy, and how odd of an experience it might be, that your Roon control client suddenly plays the video and the audio locally rather than at the current designated zone.

That is not a great experience and would generate a lot of odd looks. Say you are listening to a zone that is a DAC connected to your stereo. Then you play a video and the sound comes out of the computer speakers or the ipad you are sitting with. Weird.

To have the audio come through the stereo, you have to figure out how to sync the video and the audio or it’s not good either. The only good experience is when the audio and video go together to an A/V capable zone. That’s Plex…it’s own sizeable project,

It would be awesome for Roon to do it. But a really huge deviation from their current mission, I think. It is made especially challenging because of Roon’s network audio capabilities. I love those capabilities…adding video would be a massive undertaking.

I don’t think it will ever happen. RAAT is optimised for audio and has a completely different set of requirements and trade-offs since it is designed for streaming music on home networks. But why would you want to mix movies and TV boxsets with your music collection? And how would Roon handle that? Where would the Meta data come from?

Use Plex.

I don’t want to:

I understood that. :smile:

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I would like Roon to improve as an audio platform before considering adding functions that other apps already do well: Video, pictures, inventory.

I use emby for video including music album bonus videos and Collectorz plus Discogs for inventory.

Video does impact my Roon setup. I considered ROCK on NUC but also need video so instead of using two boxes (rock and nvidia shield) I use a tower HTPC for emby server and Roon Core with hdmi connection to pre-pro for multichannel sound for each. For stereo roon I have usb and may add a Senire Ultrarendu to help isolate the pc server from stereo (better sound). My pc is in a closet behind TV and stereo so cable last go through the wall to provide a silence in listening room.


It’s a question on how one would approach the topic / implementation. At least for music videos and making-ofs I could imagine a way which would fit nicely with this:

But I understand too that it may be confusing when the sound doesn’t come from the end of the chain RAAT is streaming to.

If I had to draft a design for this (don’t worry, I won’t have to, so nothing bad will happen) I would do it without touching RAAT and the entire networked audio parts but only use cast protocols already available on the client and supported by A/V gear outside the RAAT ecosystem. Roon chromecasts already, doesn’t it? For video, Roon would be just something like a file server…

I’ve to admit metadata would be a bigger issue for concerts and opera performances - while I would interpret music videos as metadata for a song in the library.

From my experience the metadata situation for opera and concerts isn’t too great - if there’s a situation at all. :roll_eyes: Plex & co. don’t help much here. Not that I expect Roon to jump in … it would be nice though.

Yeah that would probably have to be manual. For about a decade my main music passion was collecting concert performances on video, with a goal to have a live show from the tour that supported each of my favorite albums. I got farther than I at first thought possible and this was a pretty compelling way to explore music as a change of pace from album listening.

So this type of capability, even if the metadata and linking were done manually, would make for a more compelling OS for music. It would even be cool to have Roon intersperse the corresponding video with other visual content (artist photo as on web display) while playing the album release if that link could be made. Compelling if done well.

But as above I think the technical challenges make it quite low on the priority list at present, if the Roon team hasn’t already categorically rejected the idea on a permanent basis (like with folder view).

I would prefer Roon stay focused on music. JRiver got distracted by video and the product suffers for it, IMO.